Solveres Pro Members Only
I'm pleased to share a significant value for our Solveres Pro Members community. As part of my commitment to empowering professionals, and see everyone in Solveres succeed, I've curated a set of new resources available exclusively to our members. These tools reflect the pinnacle of practicality and innovation - tailored to solve real-world challenges and streamline your workflow. Engage with these resources and help make your Solveres business grow.

Pricing Plans

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The Basic

I'm excited to share insights about Solveres Quick Share app and basics of Solveres CRM. As an outdoor enthusiast, I value tools that allow me to stay connected with my team even when I’m hiking off the grid. This app gives you the power to share efficiently, manage tasks and keep your business moving forward. Let’s embrace technology that simplifies our professional journey. This will be a 30 minute Session.
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Up Your Social Game

Cutting corners isn't an option - but smart tools like NowSite make all the difference. It revolutionizes the way we create content, ensuring that valuable time spent on marketing yields maximum impact. Let me help you understand its power and ability to help you grow. This will be an hour long session.
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Bringing It all Together

Ever feel like you're juggling too many tools and none of them sync up? Let's talk about streamlining your workflow. With the powerful convergence of Nowsite, Solveres CRM, and Quick Share App, everything comes together seamlessly. Perfect for busy pros like us! Unify communication, manage contacts with ease, and track your success all in one go. This can be one two hour session or two one hour sessions.
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Website Services
Like you, I know many of you run your own businesses outside of Solveres. As a way to support your success, I am offering my Website services at a heavy discount for my Solveres Members - 50% off my start up cost. Let me help you create an online presence that reflects your unique identity and drives business growth. 

*$49.00 monthly hosting fee apples.
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